Q1. Who is CPIO and Appellate Authority?

Chief Executive Officer is the First Appellate Authority and Office Superintendent is CPIO.

Q2. Return / refund policy in online payment?

No refund will be made in any case of online payment.


Q3. How can a building plan be sanctioned in Cantonment Board?

Whoever wishes to erect or re-erect a building in Cantonment Civil Area shall apply for building plan sanction under section 235 of the Cantonments Act 2006 along with plans in triplicate (one on tracing paper and two in blue print). The necessary prescribed application form etc.  can be procured from the Cantonment Board Office on payment of a fixed fee. The Building plans should compulsorily conform to the existing laws and building bye-laws.

Q4. How to get trade license?

Cantonment Board issues trade licenses to those who wish to sell articles in the Cantonment Area. Under Section 277, License is granted after the applicant applies in the prescribed form and on the basis of the favourable report of the Sanitary Inspector.

Q5. What is assessment list?

When tax assessed on the annual value of buildings or lands or both is imposed, the Chief Executive Officer shall cause an assessment list of all buildings or lands in the cantonment, or of both, as the case may be, to be prepared in such form and in such manner as the Government may by rule prescribe.

Q6. How can person get water connection?

Person desirous of getting water connection may apply for the same to the Cantonment Board Office and follow the necessary formalities.

Q7. How to apply for Mutations?

Application for Mutation has to be submitted on the prescribed Application Form to the Cantonment Board Office. The prescribed application form can be obtained from the Cantonment Board Office.

Q8. What is the process for Lease renewal?

Request for renewal of lease shall be considered as per the terms and conditions of the lease and the applicable policy guidelines.

Q9. How to get unauthorized construction compounded?

Unauthorized construction can be compounded by competent authority if it is in conformity with the building bye laws and relevant rules and regulations governing the Cantonment Board.

Q10. Is the Dispensary open for general public?

Cantonment Dispensary open to general public.

Q11. How to get Birth/Death Registered?

Birth / Death registration is done in Cantonment Board area as per Uttarakhand Birth / Death Registration Act. The Birth/Death certificate can be obtained from Cantonment Board office on payment.