Water Supply

The Cantt. Board is maintaining its own independent water supply scheme for entire Cantonment. The spring water is collected into a reservoir and is pumped into storage tanks for distribution. The Cantt. Board is also supplying water under an agreement to local Military authorities through MES. At present water is supplied for 4 ½ hours in morning and 3 ½ hours in the evening to civil population. The supply of drinking water is normal but shortage is often felt during summer seasons when the water level goes down and the consumption increases by the influx of tourists.

Water Supply – 2.40 lacs liter per day

Water per capita – 140 liter per day

Documents Required for New Water Connection

• Application with NOC of house owner.
• Rs. 100/- stamp paper with agreement and approval of the Board.

Charges for New Water Connection

• Domestic 6940 + 15% increased every year wef 01-10-2006
• Commercial 7920 + 15% increased every year wef 01-10-2006

Rates Applicable

• Domestic - Rs. 13.52 per 1000 lit. per month
( Minimum Rs. 207.13 per month
Maximum Rs. 779.60 per month)
• Commercial - Rs. 35.68 per 1000 lit.
(Minimum Rs. 1057.89 per month)

Water Tankers

Not Applicable

Cost of Water Tanker

Not Applicable